Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My painted hair blondie

Hi, This is Claire by Romie, she has a great face and head shape, so I thought she would be a great one to try blonde.....I have been wanting to do this ever since I started painting hair. I hope you like her.
This is Claire's ebay link


  1. I called you on the number that you gave on ebay. I left my number but i think you didint see that. I hope that ou call me back. And i really want to buy claire.

  2. Hi Leyla,
    Sorry but the number you called is not a number I use anymore!
    I do not have your email address so I cannot contact you - could you please email me at
    Many thanks

  3. Hi heather,
    Everytime I try mailing you its rejected by the server so i decided to give mine:
    Im afraid of the belly plate.can you send me with putted or tell me how to?


  4. Hi Leyla, I have replied to you on the email address you sent me. We do keep missing each other. Hello to you in Turkey:-)
    Claires tummy plate is really for posing and is just the front it does not have sides or a back, and is just placed over the baby when posing, with a blanket around to cover up the bits not covered with the tummy plate. It is not used when the baby is dressed. Claire has a soft fabric body that is cuddly.
    Claire is on ebay and has bids, she does not have a buy it now, this is the only way you can buy my I do not do custom orders.
    I hope this helps
    My warmest regards


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